We provide a wide range of landscaping services, including landscape lighting.

Over services are centered around affordable prices, quality products, and dependable service. Below are lighting options that can help elevate your landscaping to the next level.

  • Uplights
    Just because the sun goes down, it doesn't mean you have to go inside. We have everything you need to illuminate your outdoors. Find your way at night and highlight your landscaping by installing uplighting.
  • Path lights
    Path lights provide safe illumination for walkways, landscape edges, and enhance landscape ambiance. Our line of path lights provides a wide array of styles, finishes, and material options to suit all kinds of landscapes.
  • Deck lights
    Seamlessly integrating lights into your outdoor environment can not only enhance safety and define edges, it can also greatly enhance setting ambiance.
  • Hardscape lighting
    From retaining walls to handrails, decks to patios, everything you build is designed to stand the test of time. Our unique LED light fixtures are tested to withstand the elements for years of enjoyment.
  • LED landscape lighting
    LED landscape lighting can set the mood, highlight architectural and landscaping details, and provide security. Low-voltage landscape lighting comes in a variety of configurations, including LED, incandescent and HID versions and offers an efficient way to highlight your outdoor environment.
  • Transformers
    A landscape lighting transformer offers weather resistant quality, reliable power, and ease of installation. They feature 100% epoxy encapsulation, secondary protection, and auto-resettable circuit breakers to provide a combination of safety and performance.

Why Work with Us?

  • Professional installation
    Our trained landscape lighting technicians are fast and friendly professionals who take pride in making every customer feel at ease with the service! Our goal is to ensure that you receive the most qualified technician for the repair you need at the best price.
  • Price match guarantee
    When we say price match, we mean it! All you need to do is provide us with the written estimate from any licensed company and we will match their price and give you an additional 5%.
  • Guaranteed repairs
    Our commitment extends beyond just the repair. If you have any problems with any of our repairs just give us a call and we will make it right.

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